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The interior Tomato Hydroponics is Minnesota’s premier retailer of all things growing! We have the knowledge, products, and experience to ensure you grow with success. From nutrients to light setups, grow rooms to hydroponics gear we have everything you need!

Our Staff

Our staff are expert gardeners that have years of knowledge. We are trained to help set up any room of any size and to accommodate growers of any skill level

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Visit our hydroponic stores in Duluth, MN – for best products, prices & knowledge.

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321 N Central Ave
Duluth, MN 55807
+1 218-260-5167

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Take advantage of our knowledge & experience. Here’s our knowledge base of articles related to hydroponics and gardening

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Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

Be about self sustainability and lower your monthly costs! Be like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, grow your own! Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow delicious and quality vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in your indoor or outdoor garden. Hydroponic gardening eliminates soil-borne disease and pests, and these plants grow up to 50% faster than traditional plants. Premium hydroponic supplies generally produce higher yield. 

Our Products

We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All the products we offer are from trusted brands such as Sunsystems, General Hydroponics, FoxFarm, Roots Organic, Ecoplus, Phresh and many more! The Interior Tomato is also the exclusive dealer of several products including the world’s most sought after nutrient line House & Garden! We have increased our in store stock to over 720 different items with a total of 14,000 products for sale. All of the items we have for sale we trust and our clients trust.

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Why Grow Inside?

There are several great reasons to start this amazing hobby, self sustainability for one. With the rising cost of everything we consume, growing your own can save a lot of money. Another reason is to enjoy a living garden year round. In the middle of winter when it is freezing cold, there is nothing better than walking into a warm grow room with green plants, alive and producing fruit. This is one hobby that constantly pays you back.

Why Interior Tomato?

  1. Best products at lowest prices
  2. Huge selection – more than 14,000 gardening products for sale
  3. Backed by years of experience in hydroponics and indoor gardening
  4. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

What People Say About Us

Outstanding shop for all kinds of growing supplies–not just hydroponic. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff helped me get exactly what I was looking for, absolutely great store!!!

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– Mike C

Two green thumbs way way up for these guys! Everytime I have a problem in my garden, they have the solution. They haven’t let me down yet. Thanks Sam and Andy! Also thanks for suggesting I switch to the house and garden nutrient line, very impressed! When I decide to expand, you guys will continue getting my business!

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– Dwayne The Other Rock Johnson

Hands down the #1 hydroponics shop in the Twin Ports area.  Great atmosphere, with excellent staff who know their products and go beyond the extra mile to be of any assistance. The willingness they have to make a good impression on the community, along with the  deals on hand are outstanding!!  See for yourselves if you have any doubt.  I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for any garden growing /health needs after shopping at their establishment.  Plus I like their T.V. commercials.

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– Chris Davis

Duluth Store Location

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