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At The Interior Tomato, we stock the industry’s most cutting edge grow lights for sale. Whatever your grow lamp needs are, we have it or can get it from the popular brands like Sunlight Supply, National Garden Wholesale, Eye Hortilux, Galaxy, Galaxy Gro Amp, Ultra Sun, Sun System and more.

Whether you are looking for High Intensity Discharge (HID), T5 High Output (T5HO) or Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC), we have all types of plant light bulbs along with the different color spectrum.

Hoods and Reflectors

We supply SunSystem hoods. Being American made, 95-98% reflective (versus 86% from competitor), made from galvanized steel, and powder coated to name a few reasons why SunSytem are the best hoods you can buy.

Our reflector brands include Econowing, Silver Sun, Adjust-A-Wing, Yield Master, Sun Gro, BlockBuster, Magnum XXL, Magnum LoPro, Epic, Luxor and SunBlaze.

Grow Lights

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