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Grow rooms allow you to maintain your garden all the year long, regardless of the season. We provide the most durable grow tents of all sizes. Whether you are growing vegetables or some exotic blooms; whether your indoor space is small or big, we have a grow tent ready for you.

We have a complete collection of grow cabinets or grow boxes, equipment, tools and accessories that help in maintaining the perfect growing conditions in your grow tents.

We have the best air filters, odor eliminators, ozone generators and more to ensure the air in the grow tent is clean and fresh. Our ventilation and ducting products ensure that the air circulation in the grow room is adequate. Some of the products we stock include in-line fans, blowers, boosters, pedestal fans and more.

We also offer complete climate controllers, CO2 Systems and reflective film liners specifically designed for hydroponic growing.

Grow Tents

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