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We sell the world’s premium hydroponics’ and indoor gardening nutrients and supplements. We stock the Flora Series, the world’s best selling liquid nutrient and many others like FloraNova, CocoTek A+B, FloraDuo, Maxi Series from general hydroponics. We sell all types of liquid nutrients, dry amendments and dry nutrients from Roots Organics.

Other notable nutrient brands include Soul, Hygrozyme, Cyco, Techna Flora B.C. Ionic, Botanicare, Nectar of the Gods, Supernatural, Dutch Master, Cutting Edge, Mills, Dyna-gro, FoxFarm, House & Garden, Optic Foliar, Mad Farmer, Mother of all Bloom or MOAB and MonsterBloom.

Pest Control

Insects or diseases are common in any growing area. No matter how careful you are with your growing, they will invade your garden. We provide both natural and not-so-natural products to help you keep your plants and garden safe and free from insects. Some of the pest control brands we stock include DoKtor Doom, Azamax, Ed Rosenthal Zero Tolerance, Neem Oil, Powdery Mildew or PM solutions.

Hydroponic Nutrients & Supplements

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